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Jordyn Sandor
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
As much as i'd love to speak Italian, i'll just stick to speaking jebberish and strange hand movements...

Favourite genre of music: alllll

MP3 player of choice: IPod

Favourite cartoon character: Scar, Tigger, Eeyore

Personal Quote: I don't call it an Obession, I call it my medication.

Favorite Color: Electric Blue

Favorite Actors:

Gary Oldman
Chris Cooper
Giancarlo Giannini,
Jeremy Irons,
Sean Connery,
Anthony Hopkins,
Stellan Skarsgard,
Roger Rees
Michael Fassbender
Today when i woke this morning, i thought. "Yes, it's friday, my friends are going to do a cool surprise for my birthday, considering its on tuesday and nobody will be able to celebrate it on our week off. SWEET. So i took a few IB profin for my tailbone, then downed it with a bit of pepsi that was on my nightstand from the night before, considering that was my owny thing i could take it with. Then i'm feeling good, i did my makeup. I was stoked for the day. I drive to school, singing with Adel on the radio. I go to my friend Abby, at school, we still have 30 minuets before school starts.

So i look to the call board, to see if my name is on the callback list for the play i auditioned for, The musical 13. It wasn't but mainly because it was for female roles and i auditoned for a male role. So i was a bit sad, but thought nothing of it. Suddenly, i start feeling strange, liike my head is heavy, my muscles wish to give way, and i have no energy. My friend tells me i should go to the office, but my mind is on my test in accounting. And i don't want to miss another one. SO i just spend the next ten minuets on the ground waiting for the bell to ring, hoping my stage feeling will go away. It doesn't. Then my lungs feel like they are forgetting how to be lungs, i have to focus just to breath. I'm forgetting how to breath. But the bell indicates i must get up, and go to class. So i slowly do. And my backpack seems to be a mountain upon my shoulders as i am walking.  My steps are dragging and i feel like i won't make it to class without falling. I was right.

I suddenly stop, i have no wave of nauesia hit me, but i feel myself throw up, the bits of pepsi and then stomach acid, onto the gravel. Suddenly my legs give in and i fall to the ground. I lie there for awhile on the ground, i can't move. A friend of mine saw me fall and rushes to get my teacher. I am now surrounded by teachers. One holding me up in a sitting position. one asking me questions, and then one feeling my pulse. I have no pulse in my wrists, but in my neck it's racing like a man on fire.

They tell me they have brought a wheelchair, and they put me in it. only it has no feet pedels so i have to try and focus my energy to try and keep it so  my feet don't drag and break. My breaths are now fast and harsh and i can't breath or catch my breath. I'm wheeled into the office, and i see worried faces all around. Laid down on a nurses bench, and i have my blood pressure taken, and they check my pulse in my neck. My heartbeat was 180. i still can't catch my breath. Soon the paramedics come in, giving me oxygen, telling me to try and slow my breathing. I can't. i'm freezing cold and start tremoring.

They strap me to a gurny and then wheel me to an ambulance, many people see what happens to me, as i'm taken away. the Paramedic can't get my vein in my left arm to pop up so he can put an IV in me to give me fluids. Then finnaly in my right arm we are sucessful. But i still am breath rather quickly but am calming down with my oxygen coming to me.  It takes me from 7:25 in the morning till around 11:00 for me to finally regulate my breathing, but the tremors still are constant....It wasn't until 12:55, i was released from the hospital. Now I'm trying to calm down, and hope nothing will harm me, in any way shape or form, or anyone....My first trip to the hospital, i was hoping would be more like, i was sword fighting and got a stab threw my gut...No...Not at all, but at least i'm alive...What did you do today?!
  • Playing: With My Spinny Ring's
  • Drinking: Pepsi

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